Stainless steel spiral-wound gasket

Product Description

What is the functioning principal of stainless steel spiral-wound gaskets?

The spiral-wound gaskets adapt to the most wide-ranging service conditions thanks to their V-form ribbed metal strip, wound in a spiral and a inter layered soft coating in graphite or PTFE.

They are made for assemblies which associate high pressure and increased security levels, particularly flange gaskets and equipment in refineries, petrochemical industries, energy power plants, waste processing plants, boilers, food-processing industries, paper-making industry, steel industry…

They require more tightening than a cut flexible gasket and can not be mounted on weak flanges.

What are the advantages of  stainless steel spiral-wound gaskets?

GREATER SEALING: The stainless steel spiral-wound gasket technology combined with greater tightening enables an excellent level of sealing to be achieved. 

GREATER RESISTANCE: The potential combinations of materials can confront the widest range of service conditions. The external rings, from stainless steel to carbon, are protected from corrosion by epoxy paint.

A multitude of possibilities:

Dimension: They are produced either in standard EN or ASME dimensions or according to specific needs for pressure vessels or specialised flanges up to 4000mm in diameter with the possibility of composite bars.
Form: Circular or eliptical.
Approvals / Certifications:  EnergyPMUC (EDF) –  For the spiral-wound gaskets with nuclear quality graphite, ask for our SPIGRAPH® range made by Imperator.