O’ring metallic gasket

Product Description

What is the functioning principal of O’ring metallic gaskets?

O’ring metallic gaskets distort during tightening offering the flange surfaces a metal/metal contact. Pressurisation, auto-activation or spring activation are used to enable the gasket to fulfil its role. To further improve sealing qualities they can be coated with a fine malleable layer. O’ring metallic gaskets can also be used in the most demanding industries such as the aerospace, nuclear, automobile and medical sectors.

What are the advantages of O’ring metallic gaskets?

GREATER PERFORMANCE: O’ring metallic gaskets resist extreme conditions of pressure (+500MPa) or temperature (+750°C).

GREATER SEALING: O’ring metallic gaskets can obtain sealing superior to 10-9 mbar.l/s.

MORE ECONOMIC: O’ring metallic gaskets can be salvageable after gasket reconditioning

GREATER FLEXIBILITY OF USE: The form, material, thicknesses and thermic treatment are precisely defined to meet the demands of the elastic recovery, tightening effort, leak rate, malleability…

A multitude of possibilities:

Form: Different forms are available according the required mechanical characteristics, in « C », « Y », « O » forms. Non circular gasket forms are possible; oval, oblong, rectangular….
Application: Static application with assembly in groove, assembly with flat face flanges, raised face or socket welding flanges.