Imperator Graphitor® gasket

Product Description

What is the functioning principal of Imperator Graphitor® gaskets?

The Imperator Graphitor® gaskets are composed of an extremely rigid one-piece metal core and graphite expanded rings. The graphite rings are set into grooves machined onto each gasket face which assure the tight sealing. The one-piece metal core serves to limit the crushing of the graphite rings, strongly reducing the distortion of the flange and avoiding breaking the seal.

What are the advantages of Imperator Graphitor® gaskets?

GREATER CONTROL: Thanks to the contact metal/metal, the active part of the gasket will not suffer overstress during fluctuations in pressure and/or temperature.

EASIER TO ASSEMBLE: The graphite rings have a specific form which facilitates the contact metal/metal after tightening. The density of the ring is calculated according to service conditions. This exclusive Graphitor® design enables a wide potential and ease of assembly, with an unprecedented level of security.

MORE CHOICE: The graphite ring manufacturing process enables the production of gaskets in large dimensions or special forms.

MORE RELIABLE: The profile of the grooves is a specific trapezoid form whose function is to maintain the rings in place without the addition of adhesives. The rings cannot slide, extrude or break in case of over-tightening.

MORE ECONOMIC: The graphite in all Graphitor® gaskets can be recharged

A multitude of possibilities:

Conditions of service: from -240°C to +650°C and > 1000 bar
Application: Difficult circuits, steam, heat exchange fluids, corrosive and/or dangerous liquids, plumbing, nuclear (primary circuits of EDF power plants, steam generators, valves, plumbing, heat exchangers) marine surface and submarine, cryogenics, severe pressure and temperature conditions.
Dimension: All dimensions according to specifications
Quantity: From prototype to medium series.
Certifications: ISO 9001, (ISO 9100 in progress),  PMUC n°17-182