Imperator Favorigraph® expanded ring

Product Description

What are the uses and applications for the Imperator Favorigraph® expanded ring?

The Imperator Favorigraph® expanded rings are mounted to replace existing gaskets. They are developed specifically to replace bonnet gasket valves for autoclaves, originally manufactured in silver coated Armco®.

What are the advantages of the Imperator Favorigraph® expanded rings?

EASIER TO DISMANTLE: Compared to metallic gaskets the Imperator Favorigraph® expanded rings are easier to dismantle because the restricted mechanical effort does not cause distortion of the valve body.

EASIER TO ASSEMBLE: The conformability of the graphite section enables easy assembling even on difficult assemblies (creep, ovalisation, surface faults etc ). The form of its metallic section makes pre-positioning easier before its introduction into the valve body. 

GREATER CONTROL: Tightening does not require particular precision as the positioning procedure uses clamping with a mechanical stop which enables the control of compression forces.

A multitude of possibilities:

Dimension: All dimensions according to specifications.
Temperature of service: -240 °C à + 550 °C.
Maximum pressure: > 300 bar.
Approvals / Certifications: ISO 9001 (ISO 9100 in progress), PMUC EDF n°17-145 and n°17-147 for refills.