Flexible gaskets

Product Description

Cut gaskets in all forms and materials for manufacturers.

The Imperator range of flexible gaskets covers all industrial applications and needs in the field of static sealing.

Our cut gaskets are available in all materials and produced from prototype to large scale production.

How is Imperator Industries able to meet applicable certifications?

Imperator Industries implements a regulatory watch and provide solutions able to anticipate potential standards evolutions in short and mid-term.

Energy: EDF PMUC, GDF / NF E 29533, CERTIgaz NF ROB-GAZ, Gaz TüV EN 751-3, etc.
Food and beverage: CE 1935/2004 Directive, FDA, KTW, USP CLASS VI, WRAS (WRc), ACS, BGA , etc.
Oxygen: Air Liquide, BAM etc.
Environment: RoHS , etc.

A multitude of possibilities:

Means: 2 water jet cutting centres, machines combining cutting and milling, 1 MAZAK machining centre.
Materials: Fiber aramide and fiber elastomer, graphite, PTFE, mica and high temperature fibres, teflon, elastomer, cork elastomers, steels, stainless steel, copper, tear-proof paper, ceramic.
Dimension: All dimensions according to specifications.
Quantity: From prototype to large series.
Certifications: Specific according to the demand of the industrial application.