Stamping with thin thickness

Product Description

We put our full expertise at your service and accompany every single stage of your project: selection of materials, part stamping, final design…

What are the advantages of stamping?

MORE AESTHETIC: A stamped part has a surface finish which is more aesthetic than a cast part. 

MORE POTENTIAL: Stamping is a process which enables the production of a wide range of forms which are impossible to obtain by milling or lathing. 

MORE RELIABLE: Cold working materials preserves their physical properties

MORE ECONOMIC: Stamping enables increased production rates.

A multitude of possibilities.

Applications: airplane instrument panel fascia, gauge bezels, agriculture driveshaft guards, small dishes for chemical analysis, gas tap membranes, manometer caps, ball bearing shields, connector covers…
Means: 20 manual and automatic cutting machines from 6 to 160T.
Materials: Steels, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium
Treatments: Degreasing realized internally with ultrasounds, biologic degreasing fountain (Fontbio) or other treatments with authorized partners.
Thicknesses: Between 0,025 et 3 mm depending on materials.
Quantity: From prototype to large series.
Finish: Deburring, degreasing, tribofinishing.
Certifications: Specific according to the demand of the industrial application. ISO 9001 (ISO 9100 in progress).
Assembly: Possibilities to supply assembled sub-sets.