Product Description

Multi-process is the combination of several production methods in the fabrication of one part, an assembly or a technical sub-assembly.

We have been specialists in precision cutting for over a century and we bring together all our expertise in cutting, stamping, punching, machining, folding, crimping, anodising, electrophoretic deposition….to produce custom metal parts, assemblies or sub-assemblies, designed to meet your toughest specifications.

What are the advantages of multi-process

GREATER SIMPLICITY: We are your unique point of contact, from design to production

QUICKER: Reduces the number of suppliers and gains time by limiting administration and transport

TRACEABILITY: We assure the traceability of materials, production, treatments…

MORE ECONOMIC: Reduces the costs linked to cumulating several suppliers.

A multitude of possibilities

Means: Laser Fiber 2KW cutting machine, 20 manual and automatic cutting machines from 6 to 160T, 2 water jet cutting centres, + than 10 000 tools, 1 MAZAK machining centre, CNC milling and lather machines
Materials: Steels, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium
Treatments: Degreasing realized internally with ultrasounds, biologic degreasing fountain (Fontbio) or other treatments with authorized partners.
Finish: Deburring, degreasing, tribofinishing.
Certifications: ISO 9001 (EN 9100 in progress).
Assembly: Possibilities to supply assembled sub-sets.