Impershim® laminated shim in PET

Product Description

What are the advantages of Impershim® laminated shim in PET?

LIGHTWEIGHT: 2 times lighter than an aluminium shim, ideal for the aeronautics industry

EASY TO INSTALL: Peels by hand, no need for tools, gains time

GREATER SECURITY: No risk of injury compared to the metallic laminated shim

GREATER FLEXIBILITY: Can be curved and adapts to uneven or curved surfaces

GREATER RESISTANCE: Does not corrode, resists chemical agents and temperatures from -70°C to +150°C

What are the main advantages of Impershim® products ?

Made in France quality: Our Impershim® laminated shims are entirely manufactured at our French production site, our manufacturing process is unique and confidential.
Reactivity: Our teams master the complete manufacturing process internally, from sheets sticking to shims manufacturing.
Custom products: Our manufacturing process enables us to custom our laminated shims according to your needs, sheets’ thicknesses, dimensions, number of sheets, etc.

A wide range offer :

Means: Laminated shims machines developed by our technical experts.
Materials: PET composite (Polyethylene terephthalate) such as Mylar®.
Sheets’ thicknesses: From 0,023 to 0,300 mm.
Maximum cutting format: 1220 x 610 mm.
Quantity: According to your needs.
Certifications: ISO 9001 (EN 9100 in progress).