Cut piece, Laminated shims, Sealing for leading industries

Our Objective: Industrial Excellence

Our skills at Imperator Industries are precision cutting, the manufacture of laminated shims and sealing parts, and the adaptation of our processes to the exacting demands of leading industries.

We provide our full expertise in cutting and industrial stamping to offer a wide range of high quality and high precision metal parts. Our promise is to supply you with high quality and reliable custom parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies which comply with specifications developed in partnership with you.

We design, manufacture and market solid core laminated shims, laminated shims with multi-thicknesses, in metal or composite materials, in all shapes (standard or custom) and all sizes.

We offer high performance and quality industrial sealing solutions: flat cut gaskets, (metal gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets, flexible gaskets), camprofile gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, o’ring metallic gaskets, Favorigraph® expanded rings, Graphitor® gaskets…